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reason #37 byron rocks

upon learning about bob jones university's negative view of inter-racial marriages:

"oooooh! i'm telling God on them!"
Attached to a gift of the entire Oxford English Dictionary to Kevin Smith:

You can't subsist on four-letter words alone, you under-educated fuck.

A Movie Worth Breaking My LJ Silence For

Yesterday I watched Failure to Launch and Silent Hill. The first was cute, the second made me want to destroy things--and not in that good, fun, righteous anger sort of way.

Then I watched Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School. I rented it because I'd seen a preview for it on one of my DVDs...which one? which one?...

I just spent an hour going through my DVDs, and I still don't know. I did get distracted and watch Chelsea Walls for about half of that though.


Either way.

Hotchkiss rocks. I didn't cry until the end, but there was one scene where I actually ended up hugging the television in lieu of the main character. How good is that?

So, is it wrong that, when skimming through fic communities, I flatly refuse to read any fic that says anything to the effect of "please excuse any errors in grammar"? Or more importantly, that "please excuse any errors in grammer" leads me to closing the entire page and storming off in frustration?

Your "grammer" does not need to be excused, people.

It needs to be corrected.

Besides, do I really think I'd be able to concentrate on the questionable literary merit of a story written by someone who is not even concerned with the quality of the piece?

And that, my dear reader, is my post for the month. Enjoy.

You owe me cookies

Chris said she'd give me cookies if I posted. And so I post. How whipped am I?

What's happened to me since the last post (aka, what, December?)? Well, I bought a house. I own a house. I fucking rock. Then there's work. I'm about to transfer back the team that I'd been working with before I was transferred to Hell. I'm ecstatic. My one year review for AM just went through, so I'm due for a raise within the next two weeks. Yay, raise. Anything else?

Oh! Supercool fact of the day: because of the poor performance of kids in BK training classes, the District Supervisor has decided there needs to be a training class before the test day, and she wants me to teach it. How fucking cool is that?!

Oh. And I'm designing the Team SC newsletter for work.

I am the Burger Queen.

Now I expect cookies, or, lacking such, doughnuts. Pay up.

And I just finished watching Doctor Who 2x12 and 2x13 and they soft rocked my world. Really. I [heart] Ten even more than I did Nine.



here's an interesting thought for you: i have a bachelor's degree and management experience and the only jobs i ever think to apply for are secretarial. what the fuck?

yeah, i get that you don't care

but i'm gonna update you anyway.

he called monday afternoon and asked if i was working. i wasn't. he's all, "okay, i can drop it by some other time." well, i explain that i'm not working, ergo i can visit him. then i do. 7:30-1:30. he gave me his copy of the hobbit and a note.

yesterday, he dropped by my store after lunch. yeah, the crew was all, "who's the handsome man? oooo-ooooh." then i wrote him a three page letter detailing how inept i am at writing letters. i'm fairly certain he thought it was endearing.

today, we went out after work. we ended up at this japanese place and i told him exactly how flattered he had better be that i trusted him enough to let him order my food. god, it was good. because of the weather, his family (with whom he is very, very close) had, well, ordered him to be home by 7:30. yeah, we left the restaurant at 7:30...on the one hand, i feel badly for making his family worry, but on the other hand, i was sad enough that it had to end then.

to conclude, i told him that he's going to visit tillman with me sometime. i think he'd like it. :-D

i am such a geek

omg he opened the lines of communication this time! :-D

"good afternoon uptown girl=)"




and then he called me!

i am such a geek. and, god, i'm not even embarrassed by it.

it's only fair to update you...

Okay, so the events of my last entry took place Thursday.

Friday, I went into work and was in a good mood all day. Eventually Karis (the girl who left lunch the day before) decides that it was probably because of hanging out with this guy the day before. She then proceeds to get a little jealous and very zealous about the thing.

Background: Karis and I are essentially the same person. From the moment we met, we've been finishing each other's sentences and realizing crossword answers and making identical jokes and the same time. Sure, she's a self-professed slut with two (beautiful) children (both by her husband, fyi), but we practically share a brain.

So she's sort of into him, but says she feels like he's out of her league (with a sidebar that she'd really just want to have sex with him anyway), so if either gets to hang out with him all night, it's me. So she starts a text-messaging conversation with him for me. It's sporadic at best because he's at work, but about half of it consists of us trying to figure out with the next time our time off overlaps is.

Wednesday, as it turns out. I get off at 5 and he's just off.

Finally, he just calls and mentions he's going to a karaoke bar after work and asks if I want to come with. I tell him I'm opening the next morning, but make a show of the fact I'm going to be on Whopper Board, which I already know I can run in my sleep. So I tell him to call me when he has about 45 minutes left in the store, and I'd meet him at his work.

I only got about three non-consecutive hours of sleep the whole time, by the way.

Anyway, I meet him at BK and follow him to the bank and whatnot. After he's done making his deposit, he comes over to my car, and I tell him that I'm so mortified by my own irresponsibility that my uniform is actually in my trunk (just to placate myself) and he says that he won't keep me about that long. Then asks if I want to go to the karaoke place or somewhere closer so we'll have more time. I tell him whatever, and he's all, "Okay, just follow me." The first place we go is closed already so we end up at his "redneck dive"--apparently he has a different bar for every mood. How cute? When that closes, we migrate to Waffle House.

The bar was used for work stories, Waffle House for embarrassing stories. It's probably best we were at Waffle House longer. So we talked all night. By the time we got back to my car, my alarm clock (aka, my phone) was about to go off, and by the time we got to the interstate, it had. So I hold it up to him and laugh (we're side by side at a stoplight now, btw), and he calls because he doesn't get it. So we talk that way for another few minutes, before I have to start paying attention to where I am and actually going to work. Also, he has to go to bed, he's been all bloodshot all night.

ANYWAY. I had loads of fun, and I think he enjoyed himself, and if everything works out I think we're going to try to do something when I get off work Wednesday.

Finally, Mom and I saw The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe this morning and it was amazing. Incidentally, Peter looks so much like the cute teller at my bank that it's a little scary.

That is all. :)

or not...

ETA: "wow, if there's ever a time when I can whole-heartedly believe in a guy's cuteness, it's when you describe the one that can make you write run-on sentences" --brian, after i ranted about this guy to him

today has been weird

I may have almost accidentally gone on a date today. After class (I spent the last three days at a BK class), two other managers and I went to lunch. Well, one left after about 15 minutes. The other one and I stayed for another hour and a half. Then we went down the road for coffee.

I asked my manager about it. I'm a little confused here.

Not that I would have a problem if it was flirting and not hanging out because, omg he's smarter than I am. No, really. We're talking three years at an ivy league university (history, math, education triple major) before dropping out because his father had a heart attack and he needed to support the family.

And he juggles.

Did I mention we talked for three hours and never once mentioned work?

And then he dropped me off at my car and asked if I wanted to have coffee again some time. Then we exchanged numbers.

Weigh in, people. I need the opinion of someone who is slightly less socially inept than I am.